I am not one of those who was born with a camera under his arm. Neither I was shooting at the age of 12 with my grandad's camera. I really started showing interest in photography after I moved to Barcelona and studied cinema. It was then when I studied photography at IEFC (Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya), surrounded by a good team of professionals. After that, I went off travelling, searching for something that would make sense, photographing everything -or nothing at all-. I don't know. The way was fun and taught me a lot.

Then I felt the need to develop a more meaningful project, something that I could relate to. I met "El Observatorio", a contemporary photography school/lab, and everything changed. I might have started being a bit more honest to myself and that led me to find what I really like. I also found the way I want to tell those things I like. I understood myself a bit more. So all of a sudden I saw myself surrounded by people I admire doing what I wanted to do. I finished the year with the project I was looking for. That was awesome.

I am also a member of the recently formed collective of documentary photographers, HADAR206. We had a few exhibitions in Barcelona, and worked on a couple of fanzines.

I do travel, documentaries and fine art photography, and I am available for assignments.

For fine art prints and special editions contact me at: 

hola@alexdomenech.com // +34 679298374


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